Simalube Wire Rope Lubrication System

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Simalube Wire Rope Lubrication System


The Simalube lubrication system dispenses precisely the right amount of lubricant and reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning work. With a patented, easy to install system, you set it for the amount of lubricant you want it to dispense over a period of time for up to a full year. The Simalube system lubricates and cleans your ropes, guide rails, escalator components, and anything else you need lubricated, without you having to worry about a thing!

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The Simalube system consists of easy to mount brackets and brushes that the Simalube canisters mount directly into. You only need to invest and set up the bracketing system once. Lubricant canisters last up to one year depending on the setting used.


* Reduction of service requirements and maintenance costs
* No more oil spillage or splashes
* Simple to retrofit existing installations
* Improved occupational safety (no risk of slipping on excess oil)
* Constant application of lubricant
* Setting of lubricant dispensing time from one month to one year
* Reliable lubrication of guide rails and traction cables
* Elevator runs quietly
* Containers to catch excess oil no longer required

Lubricant System includes the bracket, 3 brushes, fixation nipples designed for the lubricant to flow from the can to the brush, and hardware.
Price does not include the cans of lubricant, which should be purchased separately.