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Pit Flood Switch


Elevator Pit Flood Switch with NEMA 4X Electrical Enclosure and Stainless Steel Float Switch

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Elevator Pit Flood Switch Features:

* NEMA 4X Electrical Encloure
* 2-1/2W x 2-1/2H x 2-1/4D
* 3 electrical knockouts for 1/2 liquidtight fittings

* #304 Stainless Steel adjustable float switch
* Normally Open contact rating: 220VAC - 2.5A - 50W
* 3/8 throw to activate

The PFS Elevator Pit Flood Switch is mounted a few inches from the bottom of the elevator pit and will activate when it comes in contact with water. The float of the switch will rise when it contacts rising water, and when it is raised 3/8, a normally open contact will close.

Please note that Vator Accessories is providing the float switch and enclosure only! The switch will need to be wired to the controller by a trained technician. The controller will require the logic to follow the recommended operation below:

Recommended Operation

1. PFS detects rising water in pit

2. PFS normally open contact closes

3. The controller receives the closed contact signal

4. The elevator automatically travels to the uppermost floor, doors open and remain open

5. The elevator remains at the upper floor with the doors open until it is reset by a qualified Elevator Mechanic or Elevator Inspector